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What we do

"Luxeartagency curates Art & Austin Culture, with Music & Brands from your Local Artists in the Austin Community."

Does your business need Art for SXSW or any upcoming events, this Summer? Contact us today for a quote and consultation for an all around Luxe service.

Luxe Art Agency is the premier Floating

Art Gallery in Austin, Texas. Our mission

for 2023 is to bring the beauty of Art to

everyone by curating Art in the Sky. We

offer a wide selection of artwork from

local, national and international artists.

We are committed to helping our clients

find the perfect piece of artwork to fit

their space and budget. Our delivery and

installation services make it easy to get the

perfect piece of artwork in your home or

event space. With Luxe Art Agency, you

can enjoy the beauty of Art in the Sky and

make your space truly unique.

Tall Buildings

Cant Pay Today

Learn About

Art Money Credit

10 payments. 10 months. No interest

  • Buy from 1,600+ gallery partners globally

  • Enjoy now, pay over time, interest free

  • Available for artwork $1,000 to $100,000



 Installations provided, timely with professional love and care


Contact us today for a private consultation.


Book Us today for Art, Music, Glam and many other elements to elevate your parties experience


Get a quote today to make your mural dreams come true, commercial or residential.

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